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AED Trainer Gen2 - Effective and Realistic CPR Training

Highest Standard for CPR Training: The AED Trainer from Laerdal is the perfect tool for CPR instructors, designed to simulate realistic scenarios in a training environment. With its versatile design, instructors can easily prepare participants to use different defibrillator models, making training inclusive and comprehensive.

User Friendly and Customizable: This robust exercise defibrillator is easy to use and maintain, with features such as child and adult modes and the ability to switch between preset languages ​​for a versatile training experience. It is compatible with most of Laerdal's CPR mannequins, making it ideal for integrated teaching.

Innovative and Environmentally Friendly Choice: AED Trainer is an environmentally conscious choice that reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 86% compared to previous models, and is made with 60% recycled material. It is a sustainable solution that does not compromise on quality or performance.

Prepare For Reality: With its realistic design and flexible features, the AED Trainer ensures that each training session provides maximum learning and prepares participants for any type of CPR emergency.

Ready for Immediate Use: The AED Trainer comes with everything needed to start training immediately, including convenient carrying cases, practice electrodes for adults and children, instruction manuals and batteries.

Upgrade your CPR training today with the AED Trainer - for a safe, effective and environmentally responsible learning experience.

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