Collection: Sports injuries

Here you will find our range specifically aimed at sports injuries. Common sports injuries include muscle strains, overstressed tendons such as runner's knee, or damage to tendons such as sprained feet. Our range includes wraps that provide support, wraps that provide compression.

Sprained foot

Ankle sprains are one of the most common sports injuries. The injury occurs when the foot is turned more than the ligament actually allows. The most common is damage to the outer side of the foot. You usually feel immediately that you twisted your foot and that there is pain from the area. It may also start to turn blue. It is important to quickly apply a bandage that provides code compression in order to reduce bleeding in the area. Bleeding in the area makes it take longer to recover from the injury.

Muscle atrophy

Muscle strain is another common injury in sports. A muscle tear means that muscle fibers are damaged or torn. This can happen if a muscle is stressed too hard or if you hit the muscle. Minor injuries heal on their own. If you can prevent local bleeding, you can shorten the time for the muscle to heal. This is best done with a swaddle that provides good compression.

Runner's knee

Runner's knee occurs when the tendon that runs on the outside of the knee becomes overloaded, which can create an inflammation that causes local pain. This can happen when you have stepped up the training too quickly for the body to get used to it. It often manifests itself as severe pain from the outside of the knee when it is bent and loaded at the same time. To relieve this, you should rest for a while, stretch the ligament and apply tape to stabilize the ligament.

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