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Breathing balloons are used to blow air into patients' lungs when they have difficulty breathing or respiratory arrest. In our range you will find a breathing balloon for every occasion so that you can always be ready to save lives. We have products that are suitable for use by both babies and children as well as adults.

How does a breathing balloon help you?

A breathing balloon simply blows air into the patient's or person's lungs when they have difficulty breathing on their own. It happens by someone pressing it repeatedly. The breathing balloon has a mask that you put over the mouth of the person who has difficulty breathing, and we sell complete variants with a mask.

If oxygen is available, it can be connected to the breathing balloon to make the air more oxygenated, but it is not a must. A breathing balloon imitates our normal breathing and the operator's hand power acts as muscles that push the air into the lungs. The air is then pushed out of the pleura and exits through a valve in the balloon.

Breathing balloons in several designs

In our range there are several types of breathing balloons, or Ruben's bladder as they can also be called in everyday speech. We offer, among other things, variants from the well-known Laerdal, which manufactures high-quality products for healthcare. A breathing balloon can also be good to have available in places other than healthcare, as shortness of breath can affect people anywhere.

Which breathing balloon you need depends on whether it is to be used for children or adults. Children have significantly smaller lungs than an adult, and therefore a smaller model is required for it to be used for children. In addition, it is also important that the mask fits over the mouth and nose for the sake of effectiveness.

Reviver for emergency medical care

A resuscitator can save lives by oxygenating the lungs of a person who cannot breathe on their own. With the disposable models, you don't have to worry about the spread of infection as they are thrown away immediately after use. Of course, the single-use variants are also equipped with everything needed so that they can be put into use quickly.

With us, you will also find the masks separately if you need them, as well as breathing balloons that can be reused time and time again. By clicking on a product, you get a description of how it works and who it is suitable for, which makes it easier for you to find the right model.

Buy breathing balloon from us

We at Hjärtgruppen help you save lives with our products. A breathing balloon can be of great help in cases of respiratory arrest while waiting for an ambulance. It is of course important that it is used correctly and it is also very popular in emergency healthcare. Check out our selection and find the breathing balloon that suits your business.

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