Collection: Oxygen masks

Oxygen therapy can be given through different masks that can have different flows. When the least amount of oxygen is needed, a nose clip can be used. No more than 4 l/min of oxygen should be administered via the nose strap, and one can then expect to reach 32-36% oxygen. The next step is an O2 mask (Hudson mask) where flows of 5-8 liters can be used, which gives a saturation of 40-60%. These are also available with a reservoir (balloon), but then require higher flows as the balloon must be filled before each breath, it requires 10-15 l/min and gives a saturation of 80-90%. A more flexible solution is an oxymask. It is an open mask, which means that it can be used both with low and high flows without the risk of carbon dioxide retention. It can be used with flows below 1 liter up to over 15 liters and then gives a saturation of between 24-90%. In addition to this, there is also oxygen treatment with OptiFlow, CPAP and NIV.

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