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Fire blankets are essential for suffocating smaller fires in the home, office or workshop. Made from fireproof materials that can withstand high temperatures, our fire blankets are easy to use and quick to deploy. A necessary defense in every fire safety plan, our range includes different sizes to meet your needs.

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Fire blankets - A life saving investment for your home and office

Protection when needed most:Fire blankets are a must in every home and workplace. These specially designed blankets are made of fire retardant materials, making them effective in suffocating small fires and preventing the spread of fire. With a fire blanket at hand, you can act quickly in an emergency.

Versatility and ease of use:Our fire blankets are not only effective against various types of fires, including liquid and electrical fires, but they are also easy to use. They require no prior experience or knowledge, making them ideal fire protection for everyone.

Compact and easily accessible:Our fire blankets are designed to be easily accessible and easy to store. They can be easily placed in kitchens, bedrooms, garages or at workstations, ensuring they are always within reach when needed.

Prevention is key:While fire alarms and smoke detectors are important for warning of danger, fire blankets are essential for actively fighting a fire. Having a fire blanket in your home or workplace can be the difference between a small incident and a catastrophic event.

A small investment for your safety:Buying a fire blanket is a small investment considering the safety and peace of mind it offers. It is a cost-effective solution to protect you, your loved ones and your assets.

Explore our range:Browse our carefully selected range of high quality fire blankets. Whatever your needs and budget, we have the perfect option to improve the security of your home or workplace.

Be prepared, be safe:Don't hesitate, make your choice today. Equipping your space with a fire blanket is a step towards a safer and more prepared environment. Buy a fire blanket now and have the peace of mind that you are ready to deal with fires quickly and efficiently.