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We have a wide selection of CPR mannequins. Choose which age group you want to train on and you can then choose how advanced the doll should be. We have several different manufacturers.

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We have a wide selection of CPR training dummies. From simple versions to the most advanced training dummies. The dolls are partly divided into which CPR program they are aimed at - children or adults and then based on whether it is regular CPR, S-CPR, D-CPR or A-CPR that the training is for. For the usual CPR program, you can use either Little Anne, Little Anne Plus or Little Anne QCPR. Little Anne is best suited if the participants will be allowed to take the dolls home. Little Anne Plus are portable but Little Anne QCPR has better functionality and durability. At the next level, i.e. D- and S-CPR, Little Anne QCPR is at least suitable for group exercises and for scenario training Resusci Anne QCPR. For the children's courses at the basic level, Mini Baby, Baby Anne and Little Junior QCPR are suitable. As well as at advanced level Baby Anne and Resusci Baby QCPR as well as Little Junior QCPR and Resusci Junior QCPR.

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