Collection: First aid bags

The range of first aid bags is large and it can therefore be difficult for you who are not used to dealing with acute injuries to choose a first aid bag that fits. The most important thing to consider when choosing a first aid kit is the type of preparedness level you are at. Also consider what risks could exist in the environment in which the first-aid kit is to be used.

Cederroth's first aid bags are adapted to different environments to make it easy to find a bag that suits your needs. The bags are created to always be easily accessible on site and so that they can be used quickly and easily. That's why we offer first-aid boxes that you can put up on the wall, take with you in the car or when you're on the go.

Our first aid bags come in several different sizes to cover all your needs. Unlike first aid boxes or first aid cabinets where there is usually only one first aid kit, all our first aid kits come with a number of different products. The range differs depending on the size and the larger first aid bags include more dressings than the small ones and that they also have more equipment, such as scissors and tweezers.

Which first aid bag is right for you?

So that you can quickly know which first aid bag that is adapted to your needs, we have made a quick guide here for which first aid bags fit where. An extra large bag is suitable for the slightly harsher environments as it is constructed in hard plastic to keep dust and dirt away. In addition to containing several bandages, this bag also contains, among other things, gloves, a breathing mask, scissors and tweezers.

Cederroth's large bag is also adapted to stay in harsh environments as it is made of a rubber-like material that keeps dirt and dust away. The bag also comes with a lanyard and is therefore suitable in environments where the risk of injury is greater. The medium-sized bag is also perfect for environments where there is a lot of dust and dirt. It has a rubber-like casing that keeps the products hygienically clean.

A small bag is perfect for office environments or at home, but also if you're on the go as it can be carried in your pocket or fastened with buckles to your belt. We also offer a flexible bag which, thanks to its small size, is perfect to attach and carry on the leg. The smart construction also means that you quickly find what you are looking for and therefore waste no time.

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