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Practice defibrillator - Prepare yourself and your course participants for life-saving interventions

Essential Tool for CPR Training: Training defibrillators are invaluable tools in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training situations. They simulate real defibrillators without delivering actual electric shocks, making them safe to use in training environments. By using these devices, instructors and course participants can practice handling different scenarios in a realistic and effective way.

Wide Compatibility: Our training defibrillators are designed to mimic various real-life models, providing a wide understanding and competence to handle different situations. These devices are especially useful for instructors teaching at multiple locations with different types of real AEDs.

Customizable Scenarios and Languages: With features that enable switching between different scenarios and language settings (usually Swedish and English by default), our training defibrillators are flexible and adaptable to different training needs. Some models also offer special modes for adults and children, providing a more comprehensive educational experience.

Safe and Realistic Training: Our training defibrillators are designed to provide a safe and realistic experience of using a real defibrillator, complete with audio and light signals. This best prepares users for real emergencies.

Increase Safety at the Workplace: By investing in a training defibrillator, you can increase safety and preparedness at your workplace, school or public place. These devices are an important step in creating a safe and well-prepared environment.

Explore Our Range: Discover our range of training defibrillators, which offer different functions and price ranges to suit all training needs. With these tools, you can ensure that both instructors and course participants are well prepared to save lives.

Invest in Life-Saving Knowledge: Choose a training defibrillator from our range to improve the quality of your CPR training. By preparing individuals in the right way, together we can make a difference in vital situations.

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