Collection: Little Anne QCPR

Little Anne QCPR is well suited for CPR training at basic and advanced levels. However, the doll is not suitable for scenario training at an advanced level, in which case you should choose Resusci Anne instead. With the help of the QCPR instructor app, you can connect the dummy with the app and thus get feedback on how precisely each compression and inhalation is done with depth and rate. It is possible to see both how deeply you press and whether you release enough. It is also possible to see how long the interruptions are during transitions between compressions and inhalations. There is also a competition mode where you can hold a competition on the big screen to reach the finish line first. The doll has a good durability and it is only the lungs that need to be replaced between each session, Each part can be replaced separately. For training with a defibrillator, it is partly possible to use the external adapter but also an internal adapter (recommended). The most suitable defibrillators to use during training are the Philips HS1 as it detects the circuit (unlike several other models where the instructor has to stand with a remote control) or the Philips FR3 with ECG, the sharp version, together with ShockLink to be able to train manually handling at A-CPR.

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